Wise Me Make to Answer


Am  I  dreaming?

I  do  still  often  and  stood  have  I.

On  a  journey  I  am  this.   Eternally  excited,  indeed,  will be I!

A  saddle  makes  two  sides  and  possible  for  many  to  travel.

Tiny thee, into Up gathered clouds.

A  new  fauna  I  call,  fashioning  that  which  now  I  can  see.

My  heart  of  details  glowing.

Divination Portrait


The gift of the vulture,

dance dear light over and through the tree tops.

The self as a song meant to part the veils of time.

Glow dear embers, flashing and loving to the beat of illusions loosely changing.

Dissolve dear demons to the vulture spraying her breath over the river of life.

Aflame dear shore of our Mother’s birthing so we may start again.

Release now the spirit’s that may linger in the smoke, hypnotized.


I tell water “I love you”

The ice on windows is like reading tea leaves. Where my plants grow the ice moves in a swirling motion-full dance, but were I have a sign that says ‘warning’ the ice is jagged and very angular. Remember to tell water you love it! So you don’t drink any jagged feelings.

‘warning’ configuration.
‘peaceful’ configuration.

Divination Portrait


The serpent and the rose,

through divination I come as the flower of the pumpkin bloodline.

I see the thorns of my rose, where she has taken hold of me.

I see the cords of the pumpkin gourd make heavy my blood;

love!  it’s natural and profound simplicity aggravated by complexity.

I feel myself, resting on the ideals of tranquility and peace,

allowing for the slow and steady growth of my ability to hear god. Once again.