In Presence I am Blessed

The moon is full, my loves, be tender to your heart. In deep stillness surrender. Humility is found in a vast eternal sea. Become fluid with the illumination of your dream body; our beloved Moon, like a glowing river gliding to the beat of our thumping hearts.

Release your tensions, watching the hard clutch of it’s talons lose their grip and crumble to dust.
Witness your heart opening to the vast and bounty-full Kingdoms of the Hidden Realms. Feel that we are the Kingdoms , too, in Love, Praise, and Gratitude.

The frogs sing with the rain. Facilitating a frequency that guides our physical bodies into the etheric layers of our existence.

Wait for a message. Do not reason, quite your surface mind, we are nothing and we are everything. Simply be, trust without expectations…. wait to receive. In presence we are blessed.

Frog Song

The Dreaming Body
The Dreaming Body

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