4 Steps to Creatively Clearing Your Path

I have come to embrace change in a magical way through the delicate art of listening, observing, taking long walks in nature, and waiting for the harmony of creative tools to present themselves. Sometimes it takes a week or so for the lesson I am learning to transpire into a beautiful piece of art, sometimes it takes but a moment to clearly see that something deep inside of me calls to be expressed. I believe the process of expression goes hand in hand with learning, observing one’s experiences, and turning everyday materials into magical revelations of the hidden realms.

I wish to share an example of me processing the ‘stable destructuring of the obsolete’. In this case there was an event in my private life that was about to reveal a major shift in my life style. Upon listening without thinking, observing in stillness my surroundings, and waiting to be pulled to creative tools I walked to the sea shore one afternoon. Shown by the elegance of the divine Infinite how to stay in the eye of a coming storm, I found myself concentrating on details. When things feel overwhelming in my environment, a change is coming, I attempt to stay connected to my inner most Self. Now I see with great clarity, from this form of processing, the great harmony we can access while on a path of healing and clearing out the old to make way for the new.

Process Part 1: Gather

Collecting creative tools while I take my walks in nature. This, for me, is often in the form of found objects and photography. I usually take the ‘ol camera along and a leather bag or basket.

IMG_5872 IMG_5873 IMG_5876From a Toltec perspective, I have come to interpret my environment as a language of dreaming. Coming to a beach that tumbles roughly into the sea by my home tells me of that which the process of life has taught me… a bumpy road ahead! The shells, rock and barnacles reveal to me I still have old memory patterns, obsolete attitudes, somewhat like a form of old geometry that is no longer serving to enrich my life lived in the Today. The fish element is showing me I must see behind the appearances!

Process Part 2: Play

I have gathered a few of my creative tools, in photos and found shells. I then begin to play within a sacred space…incense, candles, aloneness, sound elixirs, e.t.c. with my found objects. I discover the urge to smash the shells. I did this for at least an hour, without any thought, and what arose was the feeling of the need to get rid of the old, as I destructured and transformed these found shells.



Process Part 3: Destroy ( Destructure )

For me, the sacred fire has always cleared the obsolete, old patterns in my life. I used this as my ‘destroy’. When I feel the need to detach myself, whether from old friends, dysfunctional attitudes, or stories from my phantom past, I start a fire. In this process I burned the shells I so magically transformed, detaching myself from their physical outcome  and personal situations in my environment. Then I photographed it!



Process 4: Your Piece of Art (Rebuild)

It is all about You! You are the maker of your reality. What you decide to conjure up out of these first three steps, comes from a place only you inhabit. It is a powerful tool, your very own inspiration, nothing to remember but the gifts you gave your Self. The more this is practiced, the more effortless it becomes, until you are clearing your path creatively with ease and grace and left with nothing but inspiration.

Here is what I did with my first three steps: a digital art piece formed from my photography of these magical steps. I titled it ‘Barnacle Bay’ (2014)

Barnacle Bay by Phoebe


(Note for City Dwellers):

I have done this in the city. I usually walk towards a park area or beautifully sculpted public centers. I find things on the ground, like broken necklaces, beautiful metals, rocks, I even enjoy photographing accidental art on the streets. This is a photo I took in Little China in London, England. It led me to explore the new ways in watercolor, concepts of innocence, dragon’s, and dressing up! So to give you a little more, process three: destroy(destructure), I took old clothes and material with exciting patterns, cut them up, and made shirts, belts, and so on.



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