The Art of Happiness

open garden of delights

In taking the time everyday to be still with the earth, listening to the wind and singing back, cupping a flower in appreciation, laying your feet over the fresh dew on grass, I can bring to my Self a state of happiness unbound by the toils and strife of those around me. To stoke the flame of my appreciation for these wonderful gifts, to see myrself as privileged to dance among the diversity of Earth, unlocks a treasure chest of happiness in Me! For the earth resides in me, just as the stars and the galaxies do. I have been given the stage to dance with Earth/Heart in the physical realm…and as such, my world is what I believe. Believing in my own self sovereignty, and that of all else, causes emotions of hope and optimism to follow. Claiming my moment to see divinity residing in all things allows timelessness to ripple through me. Earth’s songs sing a tale of timelessness, allowing clogged emotions to come undone, and our treasured chest to overflow. Listening to the songs of Earth can show me how to dance with time. Even in tears, I set my Self free. Blessed Be!

full lotus

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