The Fulfillment Element


The Fulfillment Element

In Third Ring Magic there are very loose parameters when manifesting an outcome. It is in surrendering to the fluidity of a higher consciousness that I allow for the effects of tonal luminosity to become an indivisible, incorruptible source of matter. In loose terms, one does not envision an outcome, but instead envisions becoming it’s own source of fulfillment. I say to myself “I envision being pleasantly surprised! I envision being excited about my day! I expect adventures to present themselves!”.There are very strong messages in me that pour through my joints when it is time to hear my next step. As I work in my garden and tend to my treasures I soberly allow anticipation to be equally valuable to my feelings of fulfillment. I have come to notice the powerful perspective of joining these two (anticipation and fulfillment) so that I can dissolve unnecessary feelings of needing to survive, to take, and to rely on an instinct to navigate this beautiful world. This new way of seeing can take me from the neediness of my ego to be finite, and into the magical, infinite element of perpetual co-creator!

Like the Serpent my life force studies the motions of the Earth

With prolific wanderings my heart is lifted to my Search

And with steady hands I am the guardian of my space

Tending to the third ring magic that will take black magic’s place.

The Fulfilled Element
The Fulfilled Element

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