Nomad of Infinity

I am guided  towards inclusiveness, discovering great power through aligning with the Infinite’s Will. I experience a dramatic rise in consciousness, and it is revealed to me that there is no point of arrival, that once I break out of the matrix of existing paradigms, there are others to tackle. But what of now? Where do I stand now? I stand where the old way of moving through life must immediatley change.

nomad of infinity

Moving beyond personality, leaving old beliefs systems behind, losing old identites. For if I do not always move beyond what I think I know, I will start building the walls that confine my awareness. I will lay down, and I will wait for these walls to be taken down in hardship.

I wish to plant a seed, a flowering of a parable tale, so I may move beyond…

I wish to plant a seed of boundlessness. Of a vastness that cannot be understood, but may be sung about. In a matrix where we are made to appear less than we are…our inner world effortlessly must know otherwise. The past encumbering the present no more! I take the reigns of my self-sovereignty and become a nomad of infinity!

Changing Awareness
Changing Awareness


A knock on my door opened up to a storm

With lightning and thunder, my beliefs to plunder

My notions to pluck, and my ego to sunder


I was left a barren, crooked home to continue

To fill it with hope of a new life to cling to

For Trust and Surrender this storm was named

The destiny of divinity I stood loosely framed

Nothing would ever be the same again

It had untied the shackles where all fears began


A song arrived at the door that no longer stood

A song from an Angel, through this dismantled wood

“I am the river that carries it’s stream

I am the sun’s rise whose heart’s filled with beams

I am the moment, the future unseen

I am Beautiful. I am Free. A Miracle reflected in Eternity.

I will be the ocean that holds up the skies

I will be the rain drop that sings when it flies

I will fill the river to give it it’s speed

I will be the silence to heavy footed steeds

I will be the nomad, questing through Infinity”

book of galaxies eye




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