The Grass is my Throne



(For this Day, Dedicated to the Resurrected Life)
child of the prairie

The wind on the grass blew a blustering call

One of obsolete shortcomings, the arduous fall

One of living for many, opposed to the All


And out of my chest a mighty dagger I drew

To nobody out there, just a dream that I grew

For something to reference, to remember the through


For it is my anger of being caught inside

This holographic circus of a 2D ride

This bottomless well for a spider to hide


The mediocrity of this settling for less

These out fits we play, these roles that we dress

The dance turned the tension of space in to stress

'The wind on the grass blew a blustering call'
‘The wind on the grass blew a blustering call’

And that’s when I laid my head in the grass

It bent to my body, the soul’s pity to pass

And that’s when I reveled that nothing will last


And the spirit lit flowers with pinks and with grays

It’s all I could see, these moments to days

I became as if One with glorious praise


The grass! The grass! is a pristine state!

It is in my salvation, in beingness my mate

A place I can go to, to question my fate


The thistles and dandies, the music it plays

holds me in grace, passion’s joy where I stay

Like a candles that moves in a delicate way


And the grass is my crown,

sweet treasures I’ve found

It bows to the river and touches the shore,

Upon crispy whispers implying it’s lore


It comforts with dew, holding sprigs to my chest,

It shelters the gifts where the cosmos does rest

It holds me in kindness, where I artfully nest

The Throne
The Throne


Into the soil to reach with it’s limbs

songs sung soaked in winds

croak of toad, cricket whims

Portrait of a Grass Queen
Portrait of a Grass Queen


My crown is living, it’s wild takes up

All that’s within, and below in it’s cup

The grass! The grass! Loyal hound and I it’s pup


The glammering green and the healing blue skies

to bounce from the shock of life’s pleasant surprise

to feed of these mirrors an uplifting disguise


The dance of the grass, the steadfast of earth

Riding this gemmed stone by stalking my search

The mysteries that slumber in her jeweled core hearth


This land is holy and all of it’s features

This cell is holy and all of her creatures

This grass is holy, my heavenly teacher


And Oh! Nothing is caged here, but nothing is free

For we all think each other to be fully seen


But cloaked of apple silk, the worms breath absurd

Of details and trimmings, the songs of the birds


I caused it to be, you see

The spells and the charms

It rains when the light shines

And shadows are farmed

sun shine rainbow


It is here I am queen

Where the grass is my throne

The course of the river

tender honey from drones


The berried flowers are edible, but grow on One tree

Their colors are simple; steamed conjurs dream tea


The river has fish here, but they swim but One way

And pelicans greed here, to eat them All day


The house that you see here, made with purpose and care

Are filled with the mice that have moved in downstairs

grass throne2


This journey is endless, unfolds without tire

Every breath to set forth my being with fire

This path is illuminated, an unraveling spire

The River Bed
The River Bed


For the grass is my throne

The river my bed

To live between worlds

ascension, living, and dead.

The river my Bed






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