Grow Waters Flow Down

Book of Petals2-2

Grow Waters Flow Down (Excerpt from ‘Book of Petals’)

It smelled of roses and lily pad toads
It swirled with a ruckus and stuck to my toes
The candles that flickered caused petals to glow!
The petals along laughing waters would flow
To settle on arms in one clumpy row
Clinging to skin, their bellies to show
Pushing and falling with a two -sway- and -fro
To make what seems beautiful,
My life art to know.

Space is held in place by the echo of sound in our environment. Like the petals of a rose whose chambers of expression form our reality. I inspire to go beyond the obvious, to seeing behind appearances, and the poetic perspective is the result of an omni-sensory experience…

doorway open
Between Worlds Series

flower bath-2

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