Essential Structures

Understanding the new cosmic template;

Subtle presence of the unshakable harmony.

Stars grow like flowers. Forgetting the leaves and roots, just the flower. A complicated structure of many balls of light and chambers. Expanding and gaining power through proximity, they reach for more light…the source. Just as we do in human form. A flower is a shape that is microcosm, the stars are the macrocosm. Form has light, light is a fluid field, therefore, form is fluid…a fluidity constructed by supporting balls of light. This is their essential structure.

The exquisite and luminous miracle of Infinite Presence revealing Itself on Earth in ever-increasing wonders.
daisy light-2
The turning faces of white daisies rolling the disc of the sun across the sky.
IMG_2525 oil painting
Holding the fluid space of bounty and grace.


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