Fancy Diamond Composition

falls graces II

() Excerpt from ‘Book of Leaves’ ()

DanceJournal Example 2

In experiencing the chambers of the matrix I find the gift of the form-able wind.

The thought that changed my perspective was ‘the green diamond’.

A leaf is such a perfect fit, a most elementary design that shows that there is structure, and space held within the matrix. In observing life, I have observed the Infinity rippling from my inner space through outer space, and into articulated expression.  Like the wind that is form-able. The chambers hold intense sounds, linear time, dancing with form’s tones, also under intense pressure. Electromagnetic waves traveling through matter, the interactions with natures building blocks through sound, the phenomenon of awareness particles. Like the forming of a green diamond, or a leaf; I am my own unique perspective forming. But like the wind, or the rippling of articulated expression; I am the transient dance of the formlessness.

book of leaves6




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