The Alchemy of Love


From the inherent connection to one, a perpetual alchemy is created between two. This two will be effected by one another for their entirety, whether they see each other again or not.


May I tread lightly and with care through other’s lives, for the alchemy of my love to maintain a contented journey. May I take responsibility for the alchemy of my relationships so that in turn I will learn of self-love and self-responsibility, allowing all before me to be initiations in to the temple of my being.

the alchemy of love

Every love can be true. For everything I experience comes from my own truth. As the chrysanthemum blooms every petal has it’s own unique alchemy. Like the petals  they all lead to one stem.  Or a bouquet, all leading to one vessel.  This unique and individuated alchemy is the divinity in me touching the divinity in another. The real touching the real can happen if I see each other as eternal. For there is no other, to love is to love all that is within me.

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