Water Magic and the Power of the Mer Kingdom

IMG_3417 One of the most comforting magic discovered, for me, is the perspective of fluidity.  It is something I carry like a confident ecstatic inner child through all the changes I must endure. For the ecstasy is supported by a deep sense of peace and contentment in the effortless knowingness that nothing is as it may first appear to be, and nothing can be held in place without eventually giving in to a shift. This presence of constant shifting allows me to understand that all of life will eventually give way to new spectacular moments, that it is a miracle to embrace the unstable realities of life. IMG_3418   IMG_5567I thank the Mer Kingdom for helping guide my heart in this way, for helping me see that gems are much more than just stones in the earth, they are the illuminations of a pristine oneness remembered. A gift of consciousness. IMG_3319   With deep love and respect I acknowledge the clans from the Mer Kingdom and the Clans there in which are further in dimension than that which we see in our 2D (only sometimes 3D ) realities. It is a place of great ‘depth’ which they say they see more as width. “There is no squandering of seeds”, they tell me. “There is such pleasure to treasure here, abounding beauty. We have great gatherings to remember ‘Her’, our home, which is both our earth and the center of the cosmos.”

Mer Friend-Watercolor-2014,Phoebe Surana
Mer Friend-Watercolor-2014,Phoebe Surana

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