The Moon’s Riddle

Moons Riddle title page

 This is

How the Moon came for tea

 clustered loose in mystery,


to warm the cups of fluidity,

the tea’s of songs sung gracefully.

This mystery I paint for me

to bridge the stars of eternity.

tea with the moon as earth's heart2

A place to greet the riches inside,

where Angels mantle with turning tides,

flower shines in the night

the Moon’s blood blessed with divinity,

gifts gathered high from symmetry.

The Moon brought the asteroid’s vest for me,

 luminous, a soft glow internally.

how the moon came for tea

Black light revealed the table, our saucers were framed,

by the dance of the thunder,

lightning sang out my name!

But this time it’s Eve, the one who could see,

the rich infrastructure of life’s knowledge tree.


Eve’s pineal gland remembered the one,

and life’s edge of the disk where immortals had fun.

Where they went up and down,

in a round about way,

their expanding awareness in two spheres did lay.

Frequency and light formed an elkami marriage,

and came as the Sun and the Moon in a carriage.

fluidity in self governance

Contented and warm slumbered ages of dust,

pressed together by fire, to the air it did lust.

Until every piece of sand so beautifully pearled,

came the Seer’s stone glass so powerfully furled.

re-generation of cellular life

My chest was a flutter,

I could hardly be to breath.

I’d never be the same again,

my spine it had been freed!

halls of amenti life force center moves to high heart

The Moon was now a blossoming sight!

bringing vision to change with ease.

The chrysalis rays of geometry,

as beckoning tapestries rose over the streams.

The streams of the rivers that bond life and death.

The Cosmos that pivots on in and out breath.

revelation owl scape

Innocence pulling on every word,

giddy with jubilance from tales made absurd.

The walls of our tea room hung, billowing sheets,

a canopy of stars, strung,

for Moon’s special greet.

But there is more to this tea while we stirred our great cups.

More secrets are settling, past’s future bubbling up.

untitled 7

New insights were played from the flute of the pearl,

shining so bright it’s borders seemed frail.

the moon dream body merging with the physical

It touched all the shadow that brought us to form,

and blessed all that walked in fields of it’s corn.

And together with simply the Unicorn’s Gate,

the Moon healed with merging the dream’s awake mate.

i think the unicorn is visiting4

The Sun and the Moon together again,

the lotusing tunnel bringing life force a friend,

when it grew the power of ytolan was life force center mother solar plexus flower shines in night

to rest in the halls of Amenti’s great source,

the boat in the sky

in the High Heart we entered the Infinite’s course.

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