The Wind Horse

Nepal, Himalayas

What are the sparks that spiral in the air?

Where air is inspired to release our despair

To lift from the veils the mysteries touch

To unravel our gifts held in densities clutch

To transcend from the matrix a new paradigm

One without boundaries, directions, and time

One of adventure, the magical quest

Dissolving illusions of tension and stress

The Call to Change Perspective
The Call to Change Perspective

To capture the kind one’s attention it must!

For distractions there are in the world of man’s lust

Conjuring the pure one’s intentions of ease

By releasing the burdens whose life force it seized

They come from a place on the windness edge

Such galloping swirls from Moon’s changing ledge

To inspire the change, in awareness to grant

 Revelation’s current stoking passion’s fan

The secrets of dreams in the circle of wind

Where incorruptible dwells between old dreams of sin

A messenger to waken the cosmos that slumbers

To the old tunes sung that no longer hold wonder

The messenger sparks what is new, ancient friend

To dance in potential while all paths ascend

From tunnels their called to in and out places

Building magic that is lost in obsolete spaces

And they too are made from the timeless and reckoning

A portal to travel when the High Heart is beckoning

Changing path
The Tree as Portal to Inner and Outer Worlds, The Path of the High Heart

The wind horse on waves,  of blue’s grey portrayed

In the form-able breeze,  where no road is laid


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