Stages of Resurrection


I have seen the rainbow bridge,

As I was turning in.

A sweeping path of black lit stars,

That gestured as if kin.

I have seen where the All is merged,

As I was turning out.

And now I walk in compassion’s heart,

The calling of the Scout.

My moving hands to form impossible,

Where the All and Nothing sprout.

I am White Unicorn Buffalo Woman,

Who sleeps when she’s awake.

And makes her prayers from tipping joys,

upon her tongue of snake.

To come awake within the dream,

For divinities purpose sake.

I have seen the rainbow bridge,

Where a garden portal waits.

10 found Stages of Resurrection:

1. Turning inward to find the rainbow bridge, or bridge of no time

2. Merging with the Hidden Realms when turning outward

3. Compassionate Inclusiveness, cultivating tolerance and a love for Humanity

4. The Scout; being ahead of the many (leaving the masses)

5. Living a life of miracles, applying mysticism, revealing the perfection

6. Becoming the Oracle, Becoming the Prayer Maker

7. Walking a path of Joy, Contentment, Passion, and Perpetual Alchemy

8. Merging the Sleep and Awake

9. Discovery of the Divine Heritage

10. The Gate of the Eternal Mother’s Garden, The Portal of the Dreaming Tree.

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