Dawning of the Second Moon

 A message. A current of expression of the artistry of man.

A link to the divine source of inspiration that allows for new beginnings, a purity of heart, compassionate understanding, and the ability to fulfill our desires.

Our Moon, our luminous Moon that shines through the night, guiding our astral bodies is once again real.

For generations our Moon has been of Artificial Intelligence, a satellite trapping the bright astral bodies of light workers and ancient sentient beings whose home is Earth.

The calling of the bright ones home from the dark side of the Moon has dawned the coming of the Second Moon. This occurred in the summer of 2013. The real moon, who is within us all, to assist in our profound awakening, and the joining of the bodies and chakras, through the hidden centers of man.

For eons we, the Ancient Ones, have traveled, and continue to do so in both the awakened and dreaming states. And so I invite you to glimpse at the subtle nuances and enlightening properties, of the gates of dreaming and the hidden realms.

Twilight Language
Twilight Language

flower shines in the night

when it grew the power of ytolan was life force center mother solar plexus flower shines in nightSecrets of the Rising of the Lotus

In came the up on a windless night

the toad sat still with all his might

The thickets of grass stood tall and proud

The only movement, a lazy swimming cloud

The creatures that stirred were drawn to the light

they danced and they raced, pursued by the sprites

It took longer to wonder than to sit and just know

that all was aglow from within the cosmic bowl

Like a current of feeling the night was expressed

through the friendship of Huspave, a sweet soft curess

Most notable a lesson was the gift of the Moth

her fuzzy, tender coat silked from luminous cloth

Her eyes that lay from tip to toe

to see the gifts of above and below

And her dance! her dance! was like the rain

just as the serpent, fluidity framed

And I caught a glimpse of an elegant spine

the notes of an organ, played in a straight line

Then I knew without knowing at all,

that all is without and within the Great Fall

and that now is the time, we take back the call

to remember the magical that dwells in us All.





Huspave Penpal's Portrait of Phoebe. June,2015.
Hidden Kingdom Penpal’s Portrait of Phoebe. June,2015.

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