Where Hope Grows

I approach the River of Life to cross over.

An eternal source calling in the current of my heart.

I lay my past down, tumbling rocks sing and hold still in the waves of tears that release me.

A heron stands on one leg. His proud feathers blowing north. He is taller than the cedar tree, he is brighter than the sun.

From up atop his crown of sovereignty I see a grand perfection, a design and my careful place in it.

Like a dance of falling stars I flow into a timelessness where no matter can hold a boundless stage, and I shed my light upon it’s open heart.

My light turns color into the many rays of my individuation. Like a lens, it is a key to my Seership, an organ the One Life plays.

The One Life plays like a child in the sand. Every grain of sand is potential and every grain is a pearl that holds the entirety of our Cosmos. Galaxies roll off the child’s palm from the ecstatic breath of gladness…where hope grows.

Where hope grows I am present. Where hope grows I tend to it’s everlasting garden.

Joy blossoms in this garden, along side the child’s found moments where play inspires and victory is assured!

And it is here where I approach the River of Life and sing atop our lofty thrones, piled loosely along it’s sandy edges.

Message from the River Sylphs:

“Where I am from

upside is down and downside is up.

Playing in the river is like playing in a cup,

but there are no walls. Just a steady flow of wonder.

So many travelers, so many stories to discover.

My song is a slow One. It’s guiding and comforts the weary.

Many who pass on a river cannot see so clearly.

But with fins and scales and grouping mind, they always go where Mother designed.”

songs of the ocean

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