Restoring the Inner Babe

Oh my Holy Family

You have searched so far and wide

To take your majesty by the hand and guide it’s song, Earth’s tide

The moon, the sun, the stars that wait, to cradle all our joys

 The passing sorrow of dreams that failed stop searching for a ploy

 Rest dear family at fullness edge and catch these tears like toys

My Holy Family come play with me

Please leave behind your pain

Come sit, and wait, and in kindness watch

Our divinity being re-claimed

And as my babe gathers gems of light

Let us sing to her his praise

Gather now in a circle of hope

To collapse confusion’s maze.

something beautiful2

“Come little one and tuck inside my arms

for you are the gate of peace in my arms

Let us bow, just for little one, as we sing our love and praise

Fill me with your light and direction, fill me with your love and praise

Sing me a song that has long been forgotten

Sing me a song that lifts me to you

One that will nurture the coming of home

One that will hold us in Mother’s abode

Set roots in me now, for I hear you

with the gratitude we ring

 take your Self to higher heights

and you will learn of your wings”

the blossoming of the rose with inner babe

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