The Collapsing of Stars

collapsing of stars

Love lost

Love found again

I close the gap of grief’s terrain.

What are the secrets of home?

Home as a contented warmth, blanketing our eternal bodies that dance in a timeless embrace.

In genius of expression. A midwifed journey with our way lighting the Moon to the kiss of the Sun.

In the focus of blue eyes our green shines, met by the luminous break of day.

Who told us deep within where we were going without?

What was this strange whisper as the Moon swelled with beauty?

A magnificent current rushing in to tide our roaming souls.

Our grand and infinite spirit of the nomadic thunder seeking freedom and change.

Cosmic dust rises under our hooves, making us into One, as we enter through Intuition’s gate.

A final silence settles as the dust reveals a stillness in our essence, a collapsing of stars.

Moments then quietly dance , stringing themselves together in a subtle rush of movement and measure.

Rising to burst open the clustering of time gone by.

Moments seem to touch one another, singing softly in a pristine bounty. A residing glide overtop a bridge that rainbows our hearts with each deep breath, and hum of our tongues.

The tongue’s sliding slow gulp of awe, perpetually turning in a spiral of bliss and care.

My dear, my holy one, you are where radiating presence is met with sweet tender kisses of “hello”.

Our ever renewing cells call online a symphony of our yearning call for home. Like two whales wandering through Ocean’s abyss.

Our love, and praise, and gratitude that all we hoped for…..can be ours.

And I am home with you. And I am home to stay.

Soul Owl painted with website

1 thought on “The Collapsing of Stars”

  1. Phoebe I just adore this. My cells are tingling and IAM feeling loved by these words and what is beneath them. The elixer is just amazing. Such a Deep Gratitude, I feel I am home. Truly a very powerful fusing of all the “tudes” 🙂

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