White Unicorn Buffalo Woman

Inner Source

An acknowledging source of inner findings,

an instrument of magic.

To dimensions I go, multiple combinations,

beholding the wonderful creatures.

Nuances of truth make authentic the speech.

Light spirals from horns that I bear.

Standing firmly in glory, a field of intent, the Infinite is In.

Guided is the guardian.

Among humanity, hiding I have been.

Great depth in piercing the Ocean,

a golden awakening I find now.

The life of a spring gushing forth it draws,

our finger tips of civilization with the threads of dawn.

Dawn's New Thread

The end of time, returns the light.

Freedom rises within the Phoenix, 

from bonds, illusory, it is extracted from.

The garden waits, a dwelling way.

Enchantments of how cycles have gone, wonder in abroad walks,

mapping time with Cosmic clocks.

Man as servant most high,

contracted since long has there been destinies to fulfill.

The Pipe is Calling

The pipe is calling,

the legions of Angels that walk with the few.

A buffalo in my heart, is calling.

A dust turns her fragile petals until she sings away the past,

and walks into the lilac morning dew.

A unicorn in my eyes, is calling.

Innocence turns her cruelty until she dances away the past,

and takes her place at the crystal throne.

white unicorn buffalo woman

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