Between Worlds, Changing the Patterns of Reality

unified chakras source with little ball of light~website
‘The Traveling Assemblage Point’ by Phoebe Surana

There is an “unthinkable fact that every act of an individual shifts and rearranges his entire reality; the power of one individual in manifesting change in his or her environment. The unexplainable fact that our entire, substantial reality is assembled by the position of the little ball of light in our fields called the Assemblage Point. When this ball of light’s (assemblage point) position is shifted and the shift maintained, a whole other reality appears and this one goes away.”~Seer Almine

If time can be measured, each measurement can be an emphasis. If we choose to emphasize certain qualities, frequencies/attitudes, color/tones, and/or notes then we can change time. In changing time we can change our reality. And in time’s linearity the gift of separation can be seen as the power and gifts of an individual’s choice. In measurement, and emphasis a graceful fluidity can be achieved. Although subjective, the tools of time can move this awareness in a specific space. Expanding and contracting, it can pass quickly or slowly or even come to stand still! The mastery of time could be said to be the mastery of the patterns of reality.

ball of light moving ~website
‘Changing Perspectives’s Lens’~Phoebe


I move now to talk about the expression of time. Like a dance, time can be an emphasis of where we choose to direct life in a fluid quantum field that sings to the symphony of the One Life. An emotional language that can fill a space with patterns of frequency and light. Time can express magic with the maintenance of a specific focus and intent. As the heart of the individual moves in inspiration another profound gift can be ours, and that is of discovering the current and bliss of Oneness with all things. Provoked by a deep unthinkable knowing~ness and effortless manifestation, the spiritual master learns it’s dance is to an Infinites’s will. This can be called dancing into timelessness. While sharing the stages of life and death this spiritual dancer is bestowed with the surrendered trust a genius weaves. A weave so luminous, it is both the Oneness (timelessness) and the separation (time) of a Cosmic Template. A playground of endless patterns of realities, a fluid clock of worlds…

ball of light ~website
‘Perspective’s Lens’~Phoebe

A Weaver of Time:

My organ is as I am serpent.

My spine is as a pipe, singing to the holographic firmament.

A song eternal; moments and chords in the measurement of time.

I as horizon, resting in the ocean, contented by it’s chimes.

Wings to the whisper as I am far.

My encompassing compass divines.

Winds open skin as I am near.

Sovereign as is wide prairie lines.

Sovereign as is wide as the day is to night.

Stillness is a dance I walk in light.

My pride being of this new Moon.

The sea a silvery glow of the I Am, crane’s swoon.

A backdrop of a mystery met.

Of passions and joys rising from our starry net.

Pleasures bring I, as we walk out of time.

A tapestry woven, expansive and fine.

More Gifts!

Examples of expressing light and frequency through perspective:

These pieces use specific alchemical equations, the assistance of Hidden Kingdoms, and a deep knowledge of color and their corresponding frequencies (attitudes/emotions). As a High Priestess, High Alchemist, and Rune Master  Phoebe is very care~full to share qualities in her magical pieces that are life-enhancing, empowering, and offer blessings/possibilities to those capable of taking them into their being. This can be done by meditating on a specific piece, or having them displayed in the home with reverence. They target distorted emotions, clearing a path within the cellular structures of the human body.

Between Worlds Changing Reality Elixir 4~website
Between Worlds~Gem of Illumination
Between Worlds Changing Reality Elixir 1~website
Between Worlds~Communicating Contented Fullness and Joyous Flourishing~Nature Kingdom
Between Worlds Changing Reality Elixir 3~website
Between Worlds~Communicating Contented Fullness and Joyous Flourishing 2~Surrendering to Presence~Nature Kingdom
Between Worlds Changing Reality Elixir 2~website
Between Worlds~Communicating the Fluidity of Trust

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