The Friendship of the Angelic Kingdom

learning in formless form

There is a port to the Infinite’s Garden, a place of white magic and wonder to be held. Held within the heart of hearts and cradled in it’s love. A place of praise and endless truth that changes with each moments gaze.

In the alchemy of consciousness I find the poetry of light.

Through the invocation of beings from the hidden realms, I am allowed to access and make tangible our ever renewing, ever shifting, ever expanding consciousness.

The poetry of light is a response to the large production of life’s ‘play’. Without a reference point the hidden kingdoms remain intangible, and as myth rather than reality.

All angels, angel gods, and archangels are assigned specific tasks to attend to our rising consciousness, our rising awareness, and our divine journey back home to the One Life. And because of this I call on the right angel for the right task.

The Angel of Joyous Possibilities, through the gift of the ‘Poetry of Light’:

Joyous possibilities - angel michpura

This is my gift I gift to all, for we are all welcomed into the garden of the Holy Mother, her white magic embracing our journey as we travel through eternity. As organs of delight we are to make joyous the possibilities of an endless diversity that dances in a current of unity and hope.

The Angel of Stable Destructuring of the Obsolete:


There are many ways to move through old cycles of the dream. Through our relationships we repeat old patterns that trap our heart chakra in cycles of incarnations, attachments, and desires that no longer serve our highest calling. From these repeating cycles we accumulate karma, and learn to share our karma with others. Much of our capacity to dissolve toxicity is weakened by our attachments of our heart, mind and spirit, and it is destructuring of the obsolete that we can let go of our karma, our old contracts, and qualities of our journey that no longer serve our highest self.

There are many mystical practices to self-work on the attachments of our hearts. I refer to it as an “un-knotting of the heart”. One of these is building a relationship with our Angel allies so that we may call on the support needed to make small or very large changes in our lives. Whether it be implemented through many small steps of courage or even by a very swift cutting of the ties that bind our hearts to obsolete attitudes, emotions, and perspective-realities.

When we are not listening to our intuitive knowing of what is best for us, and what is our highest truth in each moment, the changes necessary for our next step in our evolutionary existence can come from a great shock to our nervous system. When we take the time to participate in our intuitive knowingness, we are slowly cultivating a life that unfolds it’s journey with more grace and ease and compassion so that we can afford to bypass a life of ‘hard lessons’. This is not always as easy as it sounds, of course, and sometimes if we must walk alone there is a hunger that grows for ‘togetherness’. Yearning to see our vastness through another can blind or create illusory veils of idealization, and a need to be accepted, valued, appreciated, and recognized. This ‘hunger’ masks the inner callings of our intuitive knowingness and we must play the game of attachments of the heart, and their eventual painful realizations. Because this comes in many levels of relationships, partnerships, and romances I find a way to navigate through poetry and art, so that I may see the harmony and perfection that underlies the confusing maze that can be love.

Poetry of Light:

Light elixir for the Angel of Destructuring of the Obsolete~Klaavavi

This light elixir is a powerful tool for this personal journey that gives the appropriate tones and frequencies when one finds themselves ready to destructure the obsolete in their lives with the blessings of stability. It is a tool to accompany the possible shock that is connected with change, and it is advised to seek more information on other accompanying tools such as fragrance alchemy, yogas of illumination,sound elixirs, meditations, and the integrating of pristine attitudes.

The Angel of Clearing the Way:


The most grace we can find in the change and destructuring of the obsolete in our lives is in cultivating attitudes towards our relationship with the One Life. This is a most profound place within us all that consists of principles of hope, divine compassion, inclusiveness, harmlessness, humility, and understanding (among many more!). It is a place of self-sovereignty that ignites in our deepest depth of consciousness the ability to perceive a much grander picture of our place in existence.

There are many mystical steps a spiritual master takes to fully embrace and embody a state of blissful oneness, and it is here that I offer light and frequency to help maintain a pristine feeling of awe, wonderment, and connection to the Infinite. They are devices that can accompany ones personal journey by filling in, through color, missing tones that stimulate purer emotions of life-enhancing qualities.

To reach these higher levels of our DNA expression we also have to self-work on clearing the way of our emotional debris. Like a polluted river, our consciousness can be riddled with programming, mind control, black magic, dense and obsolete attachments, and trappings of our past or future memories.

This light elixir is a powerful tool for this personal journey that gives the appropriate tones and frequencies when one finds themselves ready to clear the way of old belief systems and programming with the blessing of the One Light.  It is a tool to accompany the many challenging steps it takes to open one’s self to a new way of being.

Poetry of Light:

Light elixir for the Angel of Clearing the Way~ Giritnas-hesevi

Potion of Light from Angelic Guidance:

‘The Movement of Light to Remove Personal History’

movement of light to release history



1 thought on “The Friendship of the Angelic Kingdom”

  1. Dear de-light-ful One- the full measure of this glorious gift of light filled, colorful poetry and angelic assistance and my response is simply too vast for articulation into mere words. I weep tears of joyous acceptance of this angelic assistance as they speak through you in light of pure poetry. I have been asking now for a week, for quidance into how to approach this hidden kingdom and how to ask with clarity from my heart for angelic assistance. Today,I receive a response. If you are in the process of creating a card deck, I will certainly support your initiative with a purchase…with reverence for the ever renewed perfection of unfolding life and a bouquet of blessings for you, dear Phoebe.

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