Expanding Awareness

Now I see another bloom in my consciousness more clearly, in that awareness is spherical, always expanding like a vesica piscis. I no longer see it as a ‘deep insight’ but rather larger spheres expanding out and taking in more light (information) and the potential of more highly refined attitudes (frequency). What I had already grasped was a directionless ‘space’ (for lack of a better word) fluidly laying outside the polarity of these spheres. I, being the neutral point, to my left the masculine (light) and to my right the feminine (frequency). This can be easily understood when referring to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This directionless space outside of  polarity is like a pristine state it seems to me. Beyond polarity where a beautiful oneness, slumbering, patiently waits to awaken through me. A slumbering of potential that when an insight is gained, the spheres expand and include this resting state (which is no longer resting) by letting more light into and through me. This light, to me, feels like the opening of more spectrum of a glorious rainbow. More and more I feel as if I am riding in the sacred coffers of a celestial boat, and the glass of my windows shines brighter and clearer as I continuously navigate eternity…

keys to fluid structure 2

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