All of Me with Isis Dwelt


All of me with Isis dwelt

Her kin my kin, her body my blood

Her sisters my sisters, her eyes my tongue

Her brothers my brothers, her heart my songs.

In distance she has come to rest

A tiny cosmos laid in nest

To sleep, to nurture

To bond and torture

As long as the gates are closed.

But within the temples we are the keys

to bring our magic home again.

To throw open these gates, to free mankind

To take back what is ours.

For now is the time, now is the hour

I am the magic, I am the power.

And as the Goddess takes her reign

The Ancient Ones shall bloom again.

1 thought on “All of Me with Isis Dwelt”

  1. These words resonate in my blood, bones nervous system…whispers in tones…clearly affirming an archetypal knowing that articulates and will be the shedding of a skin, a past, ALL KNOWING…this is when I will know magic as I will be dissolved in the coppery gold essence of all Creation, formless, timeless, ecstatic.🌸🔥🌸

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