Holly and Fox, A Fae Treasury

Book Cover

Do you believe in fairies? Have you seen what they can do?

Well there are very special people who show stories of their truth.

Come along and read, a book just for yourself.

An adventurous faery wonder in a tale bound for your shelf!

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One of a kind, custom made faery treasury book, written by Ivy Song and illustrated and designed by Phoebe Surana.

This beautifully handmade, leather bound book is a full color adventure into the world of Holly and her magical connection to her beloved fox. Told through rhyme and enchanting imagery, Book 1 is a passionate first edition to this treasury, of the detailed worlds that hidden creatures inhabit.

Ivy has written many more books for the Treasury, so let’s hope Revelation Realms can keep up with her enchanting work!

Included are over 60 pages, 4 ‘Potions of Light’ from the Hidden Kingdoms, a full color template to insert the name that the book belongs to, 6 full spread illustrations, 11 single page illustrations, and extra pages for notes and pressing flowers. All text is written on mesmerizing full color designs. Each book is personally dedicated and signed by the author and illustrator. And a blessing will be sent, by Grand Master Phoebe Surana, as it journeys to its rightful owner.

This Book is for all ages, but the cotton pages can be quite fine, so it is suggested that if it is a blessing gift for a very small child that it be kept safe until the child is ready to handle the pages with care.

The author, Ivy Song, is a trained Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator. She walks in a world that greatly adores and appreciatively acknowledges the realms of the Fae Kingdom. A dedicated and magical writer, her story ‘Bird Song’ made the CBC~ Canada Writes long~list for creative non-fiction.

The illustrator, Phoebe Surana, is the holder and maker of Revelation Realms where you can read all about her oracular adventures and revelatory musings, poetry, and potions of light.

Please follow this link below to purchase your first RevelationRealms art story book!






‘There, Among the Fae Treasury’

Fairy wings of little light

Glowing bright for me tonight

Sing a story to me, dance a little time

Share with me a spell that can be only mine

Keep me safe from sorrow’s door

Fill me with the Fae


Book 1

‘Holly and Fox’

You asked me for a story,
About a time before,
When all the Woodland Fairies
Took me home through Creature’s door


There was a little fox once,
Holly loved with all her heart.
She was small and soft and pretty
And Holly pulled her in a cart.

One morn she rushed away to cross,
the bridge ‘round Teardrop Bay.
A wheel came loose, the cart did tip
Her fox did fall away.

Holly ran along the banks, did she,
And called a name so loud.
Fox swam and swam with all her might.
But did not come around.

And when one could not see her,
Holly climbed a rock nearby.
“I’m sorry pretty fox of mine.”
She called and then she cried.

“Oh stop!” He croaked, a grumpy toad,
Resting on the banks.“You’re blocking all my sunshine.”
“Can’t you move now, please and thanks?”

The little girl did scoop him up
And looked him in the eye.
“Oh Toad, you must have seen just now
My pretty fox go by…?”

OldBook PG 1~1OldBook PG 1~1~2

OldBook intro magic door revised

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