1 thought on “Whimsicals by Ivy Song #2”

  1. Dear Phoebe~
    Like you, I live life, steeping in the natural world and birds are a central element there-in. The rhythms of my life include migration and the changes in song and the cycles of procreation. so, this new inspiration sets off a resonant chord in my heart. I love the whimsical sense of humor you’ve included and wonder if you are going to create folded cards with envelopes? I would certainly purchase a package.
    This morning, on my way to the place where I cook meals for a friend, I slowed down to enjoy the joyful flight of several swallows and then stopped the car to appreciate, with a feeling of surprise and expressed PLG, an apple tree absolutely full with an abundance of baby apples. as I sat in a state of surprised wonder, a flock of cedar waxwings descended all around me like leaves falling from a tree. As I continued to sit, in a then leveraged state of wonder, a male Indigo Bunting also landed on the fence and then dove into the high grass. They were obviously interested in some food source that I could not see. Your Bird poetry and artwork enhances the beauty already present in the life I live.
    Thank-you, Sweet Heart!
    PS: I am now beyond fertile years and if I had birthed a daughter, her name would have been, “Wren” though “Phoebe” is a second favorite. I always thought of Tree names for boys and Bird names for girls.
    So, whenever I see your presence, it’s simply spontaneous that I smile.

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