How am I to See?


How am I to See?

How am I to see what is good,

If Chaos is not found.

Just as the Heavens meet the Earth,

Etheria meets the ground.

How am I to hold what is love,

If I have not held what is hate.

Just as my enemy meets my heart,

Opposites meet to form a gate.

This gate comes to us in All,

The Illuminated Eye.

I have seen the door,

Where demons merge to walk about.

To fill the air we cannot see with restlessness and doubt.

A shadowness night envelops the day,

As if to trick and play.

The spirit of our fiery soul,

Seduced in tendrils lay.

The Cathedral’s mouth has opened wide,

It’s tongue a bridge has built.

Where gouls and ghosts and demons arcs,

Can follow brick and silt.

They know not what they come for,

But summoned they have been.

To keep us in hysteria,

And mask our whimpers unseen.

Our cries of fading beams.

I have seen the Valley,

The darkness covers still.

Where shrouds of pompous piety,

Supress the One True’s will.

A place, a prison,

In astral’s space.

A place, a trap,

In Lady Spider web’s lace.

And now I long for order,

Where the Angel’s light resides.

A spaceless place of timeless bliss,

Where bounty does not hide.


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