The Art of Illumination and My Love Affair with Life

My heart is my freedom gate. Of all my immense fields, that hold a unique cosmos, my heart has miraculously stayed free. I have been, as a human, tampered with. But my hope is never lost and it is in the action of participating in my healing that my “unknotting” is my escape from imprisonment. The imprisonment of a singular dimensional reality that is held by rigid membranes between other dimensions, rather than a dancing fluidity of omnipresence. By seeking to bring together the directions of existence I am freed into the awe of a directionless One. And to take direction is but a uniquely and personal choice of White Magic.

Illuminating my heart, my mind, my life force center, my sexuality, I free my Self  from illusory bondage. Like a scared clown who distracts me from my destiny, my destiny to bring forth my bright being~ness in all of its diversity, individualism, refinements, and magic. I begin this initiation by merging duality and stepping home into  the still waters of One~ness. Once I embrace and grasp my stepping seers home to One~ness, the tyrannical reality of opposition will become an alchemical tool. But not as tyranny. Instead an illuminated web. I can tend to this web like a store-house for my spiritual vessel. These tools of separation can be seen as diversity within a unity, and like an ancient garden this diversity is our Earth and this unity is our interconnectedness with the Creator. In other words tools of Oneness and Separation can be used to illuminate the fabric of existence. 

Three Potions for the Love Affair with Life by Phoebe Surana:

A Love Affair with Life Elixir 3 by with name Phoebe Surana A Love Affair with Life Elixir 4 by with name Phoebe Surana A Love Affair with Life Elixir by with name Phoebe Surana

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