Secrets in the Frequency of Sound


Now that the winter is here I find myself noticing my most recent limitations.

Currents bounce off the walls, intent brought in with echos of my imaginations.

I often, throughout the day, dream myself into the closets of my coffers.

And there I observe all the symbols that dance. Songs only I can experience.

I see where songs are curled up, piling up in a flicker, and resting for too long.

I hear where songs are communicating, titled in prose, it’s volume and measures.

I feel where distorting notes are held, where they are loud, repetitive. And where they are released into a symphony.                                                                                                                                                        

Matrix or not I witness the shedding of old hearing. I prepare often for resurrection and ring bells. 

I touch, I hold, I reach with my hands to reveal the memories of my limitations. So that I may shed them.  Relationships, loyalty, and my destiny.

‘Learning to Hear’.2016. Entirely original photography. Digital Art. PS

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