In the Boundaries of the Soul, I See a Song

IMG_3845 painted

The light opens still, moves slowly and rolls

over my body to beckon my soul

An orchestra of change, a new way of feeling

 A new way to behave in this new dawn of healing

To bring it in closely, to dance it to me

My body, my likeness in liquid carefree

Now I walk with one silver, one peach giant wing

And all of these waves, of color now sing

Stretch up and take, I, of oceans sky high

and bend down to bask in the heavens-Earth’s sigh




One Comment Add yours

  1. Wendy Macdonald says:

    Lovely, Phoebe~

    It must be so, as long as there is a body to express in…

    Honor Thyself…Oh, holy One…

    Many blessings of delight ~


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