About Phoebe

Portrait of a Grass Queen

Phoebe’s gift of visions and dreaming has cultivated an animation of passionate awakening , and an enthusiasm for detail that brings artistic joy to those who love her.  Assisting in ‘unplugging’, ‘opening’, and ‘clearing’ the paths of the sub-conscious, and the secret chambers of inner space, Phoebe Surana is a gifted with the ability to travel between worlds (Soul/Spirit/Dream/Awakening) interdimensionally. Phoebe refers to her gifts of magic as “the gift of the rose”.

Phoebe Surana(Mehit) also has her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Major in Drawing/Painting and a Minor in Art History from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) in Halifax, Canada. She is the recipient of multiple scholarships and awards from the University of Alberta, and is a multiple award winner through the Light Space and Time Online Gallery ( https://www.lightspacetime.com/ ). Phoebe went on to study Alchemy, Interdimensional Communication, and the path of the Toltec Spiritual Warrior. She has been an ongoing alchemical artist for the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy, alchemicaltools.com, and offers her services for healing, and the awakening potential of power objects through her website and blogs.

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Scents of the East

The Phoebe’s seer stone of mystical art and poetry is received by aligning with the Infinite, multiple Star Races, and the Hidden Kingdoms. She is like a lens that interprets inspiration as an organ of color, using the mouthpiece of her soul to communicate. Her art and alchemical poetry changes (re-defines), subtly, the currents of our inner space, reveals pristine qualities of inner space, and awakens hidden centers in the body for personal qualities of self empowerment. Phoebe also works with specific archetypes to assist in this personal journey.

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