On Color

she of color 4

I believe that color, sound, and scent can be used to activate the hidden centers in our etherial bodies. They, too, can offer a break down and/or the clearing of stagnation (fixation), distortion, the past, the future, and the tyranny of time.

I see tones of color and fluid geometry that train my ability to unlock my inner senses and my faculty of intuition.

‘Listening to Color’, sketchbook, P.Surana

When I first started the alchemical adventure of potion painting as right~brain enhancing tools, I saw light and frequency as metaphysical assistants to accessing non-cognitive information from hidden realms (hidden magical kingdoms), the Infinite (or God), and the vast levels of consciousness becoming available to humankind. It was through the hidden realms that I came to realize my Self as expresser of messages relating to new realities, forms of magic, and the relationship of healing.

img004At first I saw shadow/darkness and light as unequal, jarring my perspective of separation to push further into the mysteries of Temperance. While receiving my University Degree in Fine Art (NSCAD, Halifax, Canada) I focused exclusively on drawing in black and white lighting (grey scale). I thought if I could refrain from using color, firstly mastering the tones of black and white light then I will have created a platform or nest in which I can thrive from. It was not easy at this time, but what I found was a deeper knowledge of the origins and effects of separation consciousness, and the distorted feelings, the ‘trapped’ feelings, and the loss of an innocence and beauty that made art healing. This is not to say that black and white drawings are not beautiful, I have been deeply moved by many a master drawer of fine art’s skill and insight, especially into the human form. But my hand showed me layers of the subconscious that appeared in symbols, measurements, and allegories. There is a pleasure of color that stimulates the rapture within me,  a joyous nature I set out to to understand from it’s most fundamental and primordial roots within me. It was as if I had to understand the nature of spirit, before I could embark on the passionate adventure of the soul.

‘Illumination Gradient’, an example of color and geometry as archetype of the soul. Original photography. P.Surana.

This brings me to the concept of color, the ability to train the eye to see a different reality, and fluid geometry. This fluid geometry can train an appreciative observer to feel themselves leaving a lower expression behind by flying into a higher reality. Now that I can see that light and darkness are equal, I live in a world where self-realization opens my heart up daily to a wider, sympathetic connection, sustaining in me this friendship with a degree of being~ness.

‘Liquid Light Elixir’. Original photography. P.Surana.


The dance of color upon the senses, each spectrum of angelic light offering to communicate to the entire system of our being, sending us messages from a reality of interconnectedness, diversity, unity, and Oneness. The notes played by each varying color generates a certain symphony that expands our awareness and loosens up any trapped power or potential.

Art in and of itself can be seen as the act of pouring color from one chalice to another. Continuously combining elements that suggest a process of dynamic geometry or change. A reformation occurs until a new state of equilibrium is attained. Also, an epiphany can be reached in it’s symbolic impact.

Within the screen of life, certain colors should be emphasized to produce, through certain qualities, the breaking down of man-made mazes”~Almine Barton, Mystic and Healer. 

changing perspectives
‘Changing Perspectives’, 2015. P. Surana

Today, the expression of fluid geometry and illuminated ‘potions of light’ as power objects is very new to the human consciousness. It is one of the magical tools today that is leading the way to enlightenment, and/or blessings of awareness and destroying non-enhancing illusions. By eliminating illusions that no longer serve our unfolding state of existence, we are  gifted the abilities to remain undefeated by the mental and emotional control attempted by non-life enhancing qualities in others, and artificial intelligence. In this way it is both a personal power object and shield of purity, clarity, and innocence.

Now I am a metaphysician through and through, before I would ever think of myself as an artist. And there is a polarity here I would like to discuss., because I appear as both. When it comes to color the physicist works with the objective nature of the world of color. With this, I use only my own original photography, through years of training my sight, that is later digitally collaged to receive the effects of the works you see here. Because I do not alter the original color or shape before me, throughout all the stages of creation, there is no subjective use of interpretation that may ‘leak’ in. It remains objective, for all to partake, until the use of psychology and art is expressed. The artist then may go on to interpret the color and shape, even mimic it. And it may fall short in this way of it’s more holistic ‘essence’ because there is a gap created between the original source and the interpretation. And so, the vibrant existence of color and form I have come to express plays with both the prism of sight inside and outside of me. I create a bridge to both worlds in order to resonate  with the Source and/or Inifinte’s lens through Illumination. And as I go along on my journey through color I am always becoming a more refined source of inspiration and magic. Many years of cradling and calling the assistance of the Angelic Kingdom has also guided me to choose appropriate color, tone, layers, and loose shapes so that I may constantly reach for the powers of an ever expanding awareness. An awareness that is like a game when given the keys to doors into the powers of human potential. I believe all the potential I need is already mine, but it creatively unveils itself with beauty, in this way I have described, to strengthen my sense of adventure, appreciation, and adoration of life.  So too with the assistance of other Kingdoms such as the Fae, the Elves, the Mer Clans, the Dragons and Twitches am I guided to choose the appropriate layers to reach a level of conveyance of their personal worlds, and bridge humankinds. This process has brought me so much glee in my life, I only wish to share this magic to uplift our hearts from epochs of heart-ache and separation from our life forces.

The Spiral Dance by Phoebe Surana
‘The Spiral Dance’, 2016. P.Surana

The alchemy of potions of light, for me, one of the finest of arts. This new expression blesses it’s viewers by lifting matter into light and out of a denser reality that depresses, suppresses, and fixates us into illusory mental prisons. My methods include creating interdimensional portals or blessing gates, frequency tones that invoke the purity and clarity of pristine emotions, and the balancing of black and white light.

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