Pause Now, Take Still

Do you see where my fire went

caught cascading down to the ocean floor

where tiny lights lay flickering along cool waves.

 A note breezes suredly past my open ears

to receive the answer to my question.

Pause now, take still.

“The gloomy sink that drains my discarded hair.

My skin laying limp under a growling owl made of many colors

rubs my sore shoulders that no longer share

the burdens of all that has past.”

'The crackle of the Moon, at Night, in the Winter'.2016.
‘The Crackle of the Moon, at Night, in the Winter’.2016.

Secrets in the Frequency of Sound


Now that the winter is here I find myself noticing my most recent limitations.

Currents bounce off the walls, intent brought in with echos of my imaginations.

I often, throughout the day, dream myself into the closets of my coffers.

And there I observe all the symbols that dance. Songs only I can experience.

I see where songs are curled up, piling up in a flicker, and resting for too long.

I hear where songs are communicating, titled in prose, it’s volume and measures.

I feel where distorting notes are held, where they are loud, repetitive. And where they are released into a symphony.                                                                                                                                                        

Matrix or not I witness the shedding of old hearing. I prepare often for resurrection and ring bells. 

I touch, I hold, I reach with my hands to reveal the memories of my limitations. So that I may shed them.  Relationships, loyalty, and my destiny.

‘Learning to Hear’.2016. Entirely original photography. Digital Art. PS

Begin to Glow

Everywhere in fragrant France the ivy grows.

Everywhere on stone white walls there is a rose.

And all her gardens can be walked between her low growth rows.

And all the while her dream springs from a serpent round her toes.

Is it her boat? Too grand to tow?

Her wandering travelers weariness begins to show.

As she sings for love in a cage she does not know,

Take me love! Please begin to row!

Please take this love and let these shallow walls begin to glow.”

(ode to France)