Awards and Certificates

Phoebe has her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Major in Drawing/Painting and a Minor in Art History from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) in Halifax, Canada. She is the recipient of multiple scholarships and fine art awards from the University of Alberta, Canada, and is a multiple award winner through the Light Space and Time Online Gallery ( ).

flower girl

Phoebe went on to study Alchemy and Interdimensional Communication through the Institute of Applied Mysticism through the Seer Almine. By which she received her Grand Master level in Belvaspata (Healing through Light and Frequency). She has been an alchemical artist for the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy where she also received her Grand Mastery level in the Runes of the Infinite Mother. Phoebe offers her services in  divination, healing, and the spiritual potential of color in power objects through her website and blogs. Phoebe Surana-Mehit is most well known for her Blessing Art, whereby she creates ‘Potions of Light’ for an individual, family/group, or pet.



  2014-01-25 14.45.09


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