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“I am in awe of graceful flow of light & frequency – very inspirational and beautiful.”Simon Kehinde 

“Phoebe, I appreciate your light elixirs which helped open doorways. I feel the colors on my skin, reflecting the beautiful and deep mystical patterns.”-Frank, USA

Phoebe, your blessing elixir just keeps on giving. I love it. Almost every time I look at it I experience something new. Thank you!”(Personal Blessing Elixir)Jane, Ireland

“I cant put into words the sacredness of your art work.  I just feel so honoured that you share your sacred medicine drawings. I feel shifted from your exquisite beauty every moment I see them anew and feel a divine wonderment unfold in new and unexplored ways… Everything on your website speaks volumes to my heart , it feels like I enter into the realms of magic and real merging into one harmonious expression, birthed into physicality.”-Vanessa, Ireland

“Your artistic creations delight me and activate the alchemical cauldron within each time I experience them as I continue to explore the material from the Foundation to a Miraculous Life program. They evoke such deep and ever renewing connection to the Infinite. 
It is so exciting to anticipate the magic and poetry of a new light elixir . . .  “
-Yvonne, USA

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