Hidden Gifts of Light Slideshow

Each day I change, and take with me the treasures I come across. Through omnipresence I part the veils of shadow to reveal hidden gifts of light.

My artwork and life is a testimony of my unwavering faith and spirituality. Evidence brought into being that which the process of joy, mysticism, and life as a living work of art has taught me.

My home and studio is a very special place to heal, to allow joy in interacting with the hidden, and to adore the natural world. I am fully committed to making conscious choices that originate from the currents of my personal alchemy, inspiration and care.

In expressing my poetic artistry, I as an ever-renewing child of source, become a living work of art. My mystical heritage is also a gift of great magic, in which all my poetry and art work is infused. “~Phoebe

Who I Am

‘Poetry of Light’ Slide Show by Phoebe Surana-Mehyt

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