Potions of Light


The Goddess flows fluidly through matter at the point of a flower.

It is in the lightness of the flower’s beings that pristine thoughts carry the clarity of paradise on Earth. 

Between Heaven and Earth art becomes scripture, the celebration of eternity. 

The Oracle now learns how art really works. With great courage she is called to her destiny… 


The Interconnectedness of Light


 I draw to color because it is in color that I find all light connected. From the starry dance of gemstones to the elegance of a flame, from a flowering orchard to the iridescent speed of a beetles armor. The light can free me from time or keep me confined to continuum’s of space. When I touch my paintings and guide my hand through the flow of inspiration, my painting touches me back. And we travel together, eternally gifted with new messages. For it is one with me and I am one with it. And together we make this life an expression of God’s dream. 

Jane 3