What is Alchemy?

‘Isis’ by Doreen Virtue

This is a response to the many questions Phoebe gets about ‘What is Alchemy?”. Without going too far into the many historical, occult responses on the subject, as many initiates have their own encounter with it’s very personal and deeply esoteric meaning, Phoebe hopes to ‘shed light’ on some key points she feels answers this question for her in a broad sense. In adoration, these platforms start the flexing of spiritual muscles by responding to very consciousness driven expressions and questions of the Self! and our perceived place/role within it. Blessings afoot!

Alchemy can be said to be the removal of occlusions to allow for magnificent light to permeate the cells and raise an individual to eventually become a vehicle of Divine Will.

The effects of alchemy are more often met in a world other than that of the physical, but still matter can be imbued with certain qualities as to lift or call down the powers of altering perspectives.goddes in ancient myth

Upon some people they (effects of alchemy) work as a magical charm, like the announcement of something to which they feel attracted by the inner most powers of their soul…”~R. Steiner

What is alchemy but the Seeker. The courageous attempt to restore lost songs/charms/gifts in our inner most being, a journey to uncover a submerged quality that will lift us out of our mundane levels. The reach in is like a ladder we climb, seeking again and again more unsung songs. We have all inherited a link/bridge to the Infinite source of all life, but how we journey there is so intensely unique to one another. This is the magic of the individuated expression. An instrument of alchemy. The diversity of our unique unity is like a spontaneous attempt to play all of our songs at once, and together. A hopeful glee that an even greater symphony will emerge, unstruck by the discordant tones of unlived songs. And yet this discordance, these occlusions of sight, challenge our divine discontent to push further…to keep jumping off the edge of an old reality and into the new.

(Icarus by Carlos Quevedo)

” Although sometimes it seems life would be much easier and much less painful if all humans were born totally awake, they are not. We are all born ‘anlagen’, like the potential at the center of the cell: in biology the ‘anlagen’ is the part of a cell characterized as “that which will become”. Within the anlage is the primal substance (building blocks) which in time will develop, causing us to become a complete someone (individual).”~Clarissa P. Estes

Huma Utku by Giorgia Malatrasi
Huma Utku by Giorgia Malatrasi

There is an esoteric belief that permeates the glorious theosophy of there being only one God, or one Infinite being, and that is that we ourselves are god. This is not to say that we alone are all of what God is at once, it is to say we are it’s sacred expressions spreading across the cosmos like an organ; each of us a key. And although we may be the doors onto everything, our unique expressions and focused sight offers us a variety, allowing for the existence of multiple deities, mystical kingdoms, awesome planetary systems, perspectives and so on. Creating qualities of expressions that serve to enhance the existence of life makes mankind a pivotal co-creator and balance bringer to the heart of our vast cosmos.

Expressing Integration
‘Offerings’ (the cause and effect). By Phoebe Surana. revelationrealms.com

For the layman of the occult sciences it may be challenging and strange to connect deeper esoteric meanings in relation to a ‘true reality’, or sometimes described as ‘getting real’. But in truth, alchemy is the lover of reality, of matter, and most certainly the powers of manifest that make up our diverse humanity.


“(Occult sciences) can only speak by means of what it gives to those who truly penetrate in it’s deeper meaning and the vitality in which it bestows, it does not weaken life but strengthens it , because it equips man not only with the forces of the manifest world (physical) but with those of the invisible world of which the manifest is the effect.”~R.Steiner


With this it can be said that alchemy is a way to ‘throw light’ onto the realms of the spiritual world, bringing forth knowledge and information belonging to these worlds of mystery. In this, our hearts can be uplifted through newer senses of self-empowerment.

For the clairvoyant, such as Phoebe, her etheric/dreaming/astral body possesses a higher degree of reality than her physical body. A description of how it is seen in the soul levels is given in her works of art. “I also witness the spirit levels and more shallow dream states as if I were here in the physical. But more often than not they lack luster, invoke a somber atmosphere…I would even say a dystopia. It is not illuminated from deep within like the soul levels. When I am encountering a shallow dream state it becomes very clear to me that there are irritants/unresolved issues at hand that I must sit with and come to understand the untying of their knots in my psyche. Alchemy, art, poetry, dance, all of life! for me is a way to express out of denser realities and into a higher ones. As Isis described; a way of traveling “with no knots on the string”.I feel humanity suffering, in a way that is cut off from an inner source that allows for the vibrant manifestation of higher realities, sustainable and self-regenerating realities assisting in a perpetual love of life.”

I am everything

The light elixirs, or potions of light that are created by Phoebe are a right-brain alchemical tools that uses color, tone, sound, frequency, and light to assist the user in accessing non-cognitive information from hidden realms (kingdoms), and the vast levels of consciousness available to humanity. With the understanding that matter is fluid, an elixir is designed to train the eye to see differently. Using the combination of original paintings and computer graphics an inner technology is created. In seeing, or feeling with our hearts differently, we ‘loosen up’ or ‘break down’ that which appears and/or feels fixed. Through the use of light and sound we can free ourselves from the tyranny of space, which in turn releases the tyranny of time. Phoebe redefines what alchemy means as we head out of the old cosmic calendars and into the newness of Now.

This brings us to alchemy not as an external tool or ally, but as the physical body working in fusion with an inner technology, whose pace is governed sovereignly, and with the sacred assistance of all the etheric bodies of man (there are 7). The practitioner is then a divine vessel that plays a significant role in allowing global and/or cosmic change to be brought about by self change, and for the broadcasting of blessings to a desired intent. The microcosm of the macrocosm, as above so also below.

~Revelation Realms